About us


We are a new player in the hobby space, and we are here to shake things up a bit. We plan to do regular giveaways, and eventually move into the card breaking space. For right now we are trying to make some of the best repacks in the space for the price, and give you entries into our giveaways when you make a purchase. We want to make sure you're getting your moneys worth. 


We will be adding new packs regularly, and depending on our success, we will be adding sealed wax, and doing bigger giveaways in the future. We want to get to the point of giving away cases of product, Flawless, and MASSIVE slabs. 


Getting to the point of more product and bigger giveaways is going to rely on our community. We will be as transparent as possible, and we will support our community to the best of our ability.



Smoke Breaks