Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions

  1. Privacy – You’re privacy is important to us. Your personal information will not be shared to any third party vendors.
  2. Refund Policy – All sales are final. Given the nature of card breaks there is a chance that you may not get any hits, and we cannot give a refund because you weren't as lucky as you may have hoped.
  3. Going hitless – Not every spot in every break receives cards or an item. Nobody likes going hitless, but there is risk associated with any break. Please see each break listing to fully understand the break. If you have questions about any break, please contact me.
  4. Payments -  All payments must be made through the website. I cannot accept any direct payment.
  5. In general if you have any questions about my breaks please contact me via e-mail. (info@smoke-breaks.com)


How do I watch?

All normal breaks will be live on YouTube. Any VIP breaks will be on a private video, and the info will be emailed to those involved. 



You joined a break, you got some cards, now what?  All packages will come via either USPS or UPS and if you enter an e-mail address during your order you'll be notified of a tracking number. All shipping is free for US customers. If you get into multiple breaks they may all ship out under the same tracking number. Please allow 1-2 days for sorting.

PLEASE NOTE: No refunds or replacements will be issued once tracking number is produced. For all shipping once packages have been delivered or picked up know that delays can occur that are beyond my control. I cannot control and am not responsible for lost, damaged or delayed packages. Issues like that need to be taken up with USPS or UPS, please contact them directly. By participating in my breaks you acknowledge and are abiding by these terms and conditions.