Anything Goes Crazy Sports Pack
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Anything Goes Crazy Pack

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This is for the more adventurous of you. This could contain any sport and any mix of sports. 20 cards total and they could be anything. You might get a pack with no autos, 10 autos, an encased, a graded card, all base cards, no base cards, inserts, rookies, prospects, you might even get a meme card or two. You never know with these packs. Definitely a fun product.


- 20 cards total

- the cards could be a mix of any cards

- may contain base, rookies, parallels, inserts, graded, encased, auto, memorabilia, numbered, meme cards, custom cards, pretty much anything.

We don't regulate these packs as much so there is a good chance of getting multiple good cards or no good cards. This pack is for fun, no two packs are the same.